Product Application

This PSA has an aggressive peel, tack and good holding power. It suits all high quality self adhesive tapes such as Foil tapes, Double Sided film, tissue & foam tapes and many other applications such as labels, holograms, laminations, etc.

Same as above, but with higher peel and "good stick" property and lower viscosity.

This PSA is an extension of ADCRYL™AP 505, with a little higher viscosity. It has excellent peel, tack and high shear. Typical applications include Foil tapes, Double sided tapes and many other applications like holograms, labels, etc.

This PSA is again an extension of ADCRYL™ AP 505, with a highest viscosity. It suits all adhesive tapes detailed above and is more particularly formulated for Foam adhesive tapes. This product is suitable for all types of high performance tapes.

This PSA is a variant of Adcryl ™AP 505, with medium strength for low cost adhesive tapes.

This PSA is used to make film based adhesive tapes with self release properties. No release liner or release coating or primer will be required. On account of its high cohesive strength, the properly cured adhesive does not transfer on the backing when the finished tape is unrolled. The adhesive is also pigment compatible, Titanium di oxide and other coloured pigments can be easily mixed  & will have stability. This PSA can also substitute Rubber based PSA for heat curable polyester electrical insulating tape.
This adhesive can be used to make polyester / PVC coated films for permanent lamination over PVC labels and does not react with the sensitive inks.  Preferably polyester or BOPP release film is to be used to maintain the clean finish on the coated side.  Though the physical appearance of the PSA is hazy, on curing absolute clear films are obtained.

This PSA is of Pure type, without any Vinyl Acetate Monomer. It has medium peel and excellent UV and outdoor stability. Main applications are for high quality graphics / decals and sun control films. The adhesive is partly thermosetting.

Same as above, but with higher peel.

As the name suggests, this PSA finds applications for medical tapes and personal hygiene products. It is formulated to cleanly peel off from human skin without leaving residue. It also finds applications in certain types of industrial adhesive tapes where no acid property is desirable ; viz in PCB applications. It also finds applications for film tapes where self release property is desirable.
Also pigment compatible and most of the applications like ADCRYL™AP 1062.

This PSA is used for medical adhesive products. The product has good tack and clean removability from skin.

This PSA is of a low odor , high peel type. It is formulated with Maleic Anhydride as one of the component. It is of a chemically cross linkable type and finds applications in super high specialty adhesive tapes. When cross linked, it develops solvent & temperature resistance.

This PSA is an economical type of PSA. It has lower adhesive  and shear strength. Applications are for tapes requiring lower adhesive strength.

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