ADCRYL™ P.S. ADHESIVE - General Infomration.

Solvent Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Description :

ADCRYL™ P.S. Adhesives are self - crosslinking acrylic co polymers prepared in a mixture of low boiling solvents. On drying, they give clear transparent and permanently tacky film. These P.S. Adhesives show optimum balance of adhesive and cohesive properties.  

Applications :

 ADCRYL™ P.S. Adhesives can be used as such but can also be diluted to adjust viscosity and solid content for a particular application. ADCRYL™ P.S. Adhesives can be applied by roller coating, direct and reverse. Substrates coated with ADCRYL™ are capable of giving bonding with a wide variety under gentle pressure. Film of ADCRYL™ can be converted into a highly crosslinked thermosetting type by curing at 150°C to 160°C for 10 to 20 minutes. This treatment also improves the electrical properties of the film.

 Advantages :

1.  Thermoplastic and single component self crosslinking system.
2.  Excellent ageing properties.
3.  Non Toxic and odourless after the film is dry.
4.  Unaffected by sunlight and has good electrical and thermal properties. 

Uses : 

1.  Manufacturing self adhesive tapes with paper, PVC, polyester, BOPP, etc as the   substrates.
2.  To make pressure sensitive paper, PVC sheets, aluminum foils. Radio, T.V. cabinets, decorative furniture’s, pressure tags, etc.
3.  It can also be used for lamination with various substrates by mixing with primary/secondary / cyclic amines.
4. As pressure sensitive adhesive for splicing in papermills,etc.                       

Diluents : 

ADCRYL™ P.S. Adhesives can be diluted with ethyl acetate, toluene, hexane, xylene, etc. By using proper combination of diluents, drying times can be controlled or adjusted. However for most applications, dilution is not necessary and the adhesive can be used directly.


ADCRYL™ P.S. Adhesive are compatible with plasticizers such as DOP, DBP, Paraplex G 54. This increases adhesive strength and ability of quick bonding, but also reduces cohesive strength. ADCRYL™ P.S. Adhesives are also compatible with polyterpene and hydrocarbon tackifiers. The other additives that can be added is tricreysl phosphate which gives fire retardancy properties.

 Coverage : 

ADCRYL™ P.S.Adhesives give coverage of 7.5 sq.mtrs/ kg as against 4 sq.mtrs/ kg by the conventional rubber based adhesive. Coating weight required for the optimum performance depends upon the nature of the substrates. Optimum coating weight required for a few common substrates are given below:

Coating weight required
Paper- maplitho, chromo, etc  20 to 25 gsm
Brown packing paper 25 to 30 gsm
Polyester, metallised polyester, cellophane 18 to 20 gsm
BOPP- carona pretreated 15 to 20 gsm
Plasticized PVC film, PVC Sheet, etc 15 to 20 gsm
Aluminium foil 15 to 20 gsm
Polyethylene Corona treated 10 to 15 gsm
Fibre glass film 25 to 30 gsm

Note : Coating weight in far more excess or less than the prescribed limit may affect the performance of the adhesive.

 Precautions and Storage : 

ADCRYL™ P.S. Adhesives are inflammable and volatile. They should be stored in a well ventilated cool dark place away from direct sunlight and flames. The containers/ drums should be kept tightly closed after each use. Depending on the conditions of storage, ADCRYL™ P.S. Adhesives have a storage life of 6 months from the date of manufacture.

 Health and Safety Aspect:

Keep away from heat , sparks and open flames. Adhesive contains highly inflammable solvents. Use with adequate ventilation. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. If swallowed, call physician immediately. For more details, please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet.

Warranty :

Advance Polymers warrants its’ products to be free from defects. If it is proven to the company’s’ satisfaction to be defective for which the company is the sole judge, the company’s sole obligation and your only remedy under this warranty are limited to the product replacement. The company shall not under any circumstances be liable for any consequential or their damages in connection with your use of these products, since the conditions of storage, application and usage are beyond our control. It is the sole responsibility of the users to satisfy themselves on the performance of these adhesives suited to their own applications under their operating conditions.

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